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IceFaces 1.7 adds new and improved Ajax widgetry

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IceFaces 1.7 adds new and improved Ajax widgetry

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IceSoft Technologies today unveiled Icefaces 1.7, a JSF component suite that allows you to build server-centric, Ajax applications in pure Java. Icefaces employs 'Ajax push' technology to make changes to the client-side DOM, allowing data to be updated and shared quickly amongst rich-client applications. The latest release includes seven new components, framework and bridge enhancements, support for JSR-168 Portlets as well as improved support for Spring Web Flow and JBoss Seam.

From the blog of Ken Fyten, VP of Technology for IceFaces:

Less visible, but equally important to everyone leveraging ICEfaces' asynchronous update features (Ajax-push) in wide-scale deployments is the addition of out-of-the-box support for 5 leading Asynchronous Request Processing (ARP) implementations, such as Glassfish "Grizzly" and Tomcat 6 / JBoss 4.2 NIO. By leveraging these ARP implementations ICEfaces applications can immediately benefit from reduced server-side resource consumption for asynchronous applications, resulting in increased scalability of asynchronous apps. on the same hardware and software....


Some of the additions to the component suite include:

  • New Component Showcase
    • Separate JSP and Facelets versions (for ease of code-comprehension)
    • New theme
  • New Popup/Context Menu
  • New Portlet Component
  • New Rich Text Editor
    • Leverages the industry-leading FCKeditor JavaScript library
  • New Media Player Component supports following media content in ICEfaces page:
    • Flash, Quicktime, Windows Media, and RealPlayer

For a full list of features, click here.

IceFaces 1.7 can be downloaded here.



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