ICYMI: Idera, Inc. Acquires Travis CI

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ICYMI: Idera, Inc. Acquires Travis CI

Now that Idera, Inc. has bought DevOps tool Travis CI, what will the acquistion mean for both companies going forward?

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Back in January, productivity tool provider Idera, Inc. acquired Travis CI to add to its Testing Tools division to further expand its lineup.

In an email from Idera CEO Randy Jacops sent March 4, Mr. Jacops reiterated Idera's intention to foster and grow innovation with the Travis CI tool with a promise to "communicate future product roadmap reviews, webinars, and related content" to its users.

While it appears that Idera's values are in-line with Travis CI's own, it remains to be seen how Travis' existing roadmap will be affected, if at all.  However, if Mr. Jacop's email is to be believed, the path forward appears to remain full of innovation and excitement as Idera's commitment to including an active community in its product decision looks to be genuine. And while running projects such as Summer of Code and Rails Girls is new ground for Idera, the company is showing no signs of giving up on any of The Travis Foundation's initiatives, which are all important to the development community at large.

By making its own intentions known so early on, Idera positions itself as a party looking to better not only the B2B space but the open source community as well. While Idera may not be the size of other companies who grow or foray deeper into the OSS world (e.g. Microsoft), they look to be able to bring to bear substantial experience and add genuine value to Travis CI's already widely-used and widely-trusted solutions. Build tools like Travis CI are the cornerstone of any well-run project and properly-guided innovation with these tools can only increase developer productivity.

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