id Software's 'Doom 4' Announced with Cross-Platform Modding Tool SnapMap

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id Software's 'Doom 4' Announced with Cross-Platform Modding Tool SnapMap

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E3 has brought no shortage of fantastic news, including a super cool fully-functional Pip Boy with “Fallout 4 .” id Software announced their forthcoming “Doom 4,” continuing the classic first person shooter (FPS) franchise. The latest “Doom” installment will be getting back to the roots of the series according to Executive Producer Marty Stratton with SnapMap, a cross-platform modding tool.

Doom” has a rich history of mods, with some truly spectacular add-ons for “Doom” and “Doom 2.” Notable mods emulated “Ghotsbusters,” “Tomb Raider,” and “Super Mario.” The upcoming “Doom 4” includes a neat feature, SnapMap, that easily allows users to create their own multiplayer maps. A video highlighting map creation shows a plethora of customization options. It’s as simple as snapping various rooms together, and further tweaking environments. Players can add garnishes such as barrels, and even specify the placement of demons throughout the map. In a surprising and rare move, SnapMap is cross-platform, not relegated to PCs.

Built with the idTech 6 Engine, it’s neat to see such a user-friendly tool for map construction. Modding is essential to many gamer communities, like “Doom,” and has often been supported by development companies. Valve frequently supports mods, turning former mods into full on games and allowing developers to sell their creations. Valve attempted to jumpstart a paid mods program for “Skyrim” through Steamworks, but asset accountability proved detrimental. Other developers however nixed mods in various means, like Bilzzard’s always –online “Diablo 3.” Kudos to id Software for including a simple, cross-platform, modding tool to accommodate community development. 

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