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IE Automation In Python

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IE Automation In Python

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I try to dump my data out of a website. But it block my python's urllib bot. I tried other pure python libray but without success. So, I try a quicker route using IE automation.
For general automation you should try 'watsup'. For IE, there is PAMIE.

>>> from cPAMIE import PAMIE
>>> ie = PAMIE()
>>> ie.Navigate('www.google.com')   # go to google
>>> ie.SetTextBox('Python','q',0)       # search for python
>>> ie.ClickButton('btnG')               # Go!

>>> src = ie.pageText()                 # here it is
>>> cookie = ie.GetCookie()          # Ok, cookie is yummy

PAMIE is actually aimed for more of the testing work.
But in this case it serves me fine.

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