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If You Can't Make Data, Then Fake Data...

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If You Can't Make Data, Then Fake Data...

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Awkward Coder - faking data in WP7 and other .Net platforms

I needed to fake some data for a WP7 app yesterday and I was about to write a couple of classes when I thought why not check out what's available out there already...

There were already a couple of NuGet packages out there but I wanted to try out my forking skills on GitHub :) I had a quick conversation with Ben Smith about faker-cs and producing a NuGet package.

Introducing Faker.Net on NuGet, with support for .Net 3.5 SP1, .Net 4.0, Silverlight & WP7.

Faker.Net support loads of different ways to fake data - addresses, names, phones numbers and more:




I can see where this could really come in handy... And probably so much better than using my pet's, family's, etc, names. ;)

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