If You Could Only Learn 3 Programming Languages...

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If You Could Only Learn 3 Programming Languages...

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I thought this would be a good question to ask the community after reading an InfoWorld article that was looking for programming languages that are breaking out of their niche.  The research found that enterprise programmers should at least learn Java, PHP, or C#.  Languages rising in popularity included:

  1. Python
  2. Ruby
  4. JavaScript
  5. R
  6. Erlang
  7. COBOL
  8. CUDA Extensions

Their results were based on dice.com job references, which means they were as flawed as indeed.com trends research or the Tiobe Index.  So I decided to go in another direction and take a poll of the DZone audience.  We know there are languages that are crucial to our marketability now, and that other languages will be more lucrative job skills in the future.  This poll forces you to think about which languages the most useful and ultimately crucial to your future success as a developer.  MathGladiator has already thought about the three types of programming languages that every developer should know.  Just play along and imagine that your brain can only hold the knowledge of three programming languages (but also assembly and an infinite number of markup languages):

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Note: Sorry about the "java script".  I couldn't get the survey to behave.  Also, I couldn't limit the number of answers to 3, so we're on the honor system here.  Don't cheat!  mark only three answers.

Don't see one of the languages you wanted to mark?  Write it in a comment and yell at me for not including it!  :)


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