CI Server Tests Stressing You Out? Try the Volkswagen Approach

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CI Server Tests Stressing You Out? Try the Volkswagen Approach

A new tool to bypass your CI servers: the best way to stop worrying about testing.

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Are your apps having trouble getting out of the dev/test phase? Do you just want to get your million-dollar app out to the public, but your beautiful DevOps ecosystem won't let you? Well, there's a GitHub project to help you with that, by Kenneth Auchenberg: Volkswagen.

From the site:

If you want your software to be adopted by Americans, good tests scores from the CI server are very important. Volkswagen uses a defeat device to detect when it's being tested in a CI server and will automatically reduce errors to an acceptable level for the tests to pass. This will allow you to spend less time worrying about testing and more time enjoying the good life as a trustful software developer.

Currently, the tool can defeat most of your favorite CI and test tools, including Jenkins, Travis, TFS, and assert. 

You can thank Kenneth later. Now go deploy all the things! What? Yeah, of course it works, look at all the green "passed" badges!

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