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IKS Project Shows Semantic Web In Action at Upcoming Amsterdam Workshop

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IKS Project Shows Semantic Web In Action at Upcoming Amsterdam Workshop

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Interactive Knowledge Stack (IKS), the open source project to speed the implementation of semantic web technologies in content management systems, is holding its second annual workshop in Amsterdam on the 9th and 10th of December. The workshop will provide a look at some of the software components produced by the project, which will be launched as an Incubator Project within the highly-esteemed Apache Software Foundation (ASF).

“With working demos and early adopter case studies less than two years into to the project, we hope the workshop can answer some of the critics who say that semantic web technologies are great in theory but don’t deliver real-world value,” comments workshop organiser and IKS community manager John Pereira. “Our focus for Amsterdam is exactly that: to demonstrate the value of our semantic technologies for customers, developers and content management software providers.”

On the first day, the workshop offers four sessions demonstrating IKS semantic enhancement software in use. These begin with a media and press industry case study based on the popular Nuxeo CMS platform. The second session will look at the area of search engine optimisation (SEO), where semantic technologies are already delivering significant value for both developers and end-customers. The workshop will then look at semantic authoring with the project’s new rich content editor, before moving on to look at how IKS can be used as an enterprise-ready Linked Open Data infrastructure for any CMS.

The second day will provide hands-on workshop sessions for CMS developers, geared towards getting IKS running with third party solutions. These integration workshops will be led by the IKS core development team, who will help participants to integrate the technology into their own CMS. We will develop small, practical prototypes for demonstration in your own CMS. Participants will be provided with a basic IKS "Starter Kit" package to avoid developers having to start from a blank page. The goal of the day is to have developers go home with these working prototypes.

For more information visit the event web page http://wiki.iks-project.eu/index.php/Workshops/EAworkshopAmsterdam

About IKS

Interactive Knowledge Stack (IKS) is an Open Source project to speed the implementation and broaden the reach of semantic web technologies in CMS across Europe and beyond. Funded in part by a €6.58m grant from the European Union, the project targets the hundreds of SME companies across Europe who provide content and knowledge management technology. Its aim is to develop an open flexible technology framework that allows these companies to deliver semantic-web-enabled, intelligent content. Downstream, this will provide a greater choice of cost-effective solutions for organisations looking to implement semantic-web-enabled sites and applications, and bring significant benefits to millions of content consumers.

IKS is developed by a core consortium of seven research partners and six industrial partners and actively encourages corporate and individual participation in the project.

Project website: www.iks-project.eu

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