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Image/canvas Bliting

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Image/canvas Bliting

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I can't remember how to call the blit method.
So, here's just a personal reminder.
(BTW, the pys60 doc has a wrong order between target and source)

app.body = c = Canvas()
w,h = 20,20
im = Image.new(size=(w,h))

# here's prototype
# blit(im, source=(0,0,w,h), target=(0,0), mask=None, scale=0)
# here are examples
c.blit(im)  # put entire image on top-left
c.blit(im, target=(70,70)) # put it about mid-screen
c.blit(im, (0,0,w/2,h/2))  # put a quater image on top-left

# double the image size and put it about mid-screen
c.blit(im, target=(60,60,100,100), scale=1)

If scale is not specified and source <> target, the image
will be clipped instead of resized.

mask is a 1-bit image with the same size as image.
mask = Image.new((w,h),'1')
Pixel on the image will be copied if the same pixel
on the mask is 'white'.
So we can use mask to make 'Sprite'.

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