Impact of Identity of Things (IDoT) on Blockchain, Cloud, and Autonomous Vehicles

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Impact of Identity of Things (IDoT) on Blockchain, Cloud, and Autonomous Vehicles

Learn how IoT and security come together in IDoT to enhance autonomous vehicles.

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IDoT stands for Identity of Things. Before explaining the IDoT technology, we have to learn the theory of IoT. IoT refers to the Internet of Things, a method to connect various devices to one another. The connection is made via the internet. In other words, we can define IoT as a network on which real devices are connected to one another and share data, for example, vehicles, appliances, sensors, etc.

IDoT is a part of the IoT revolution. The IDoT requires allotting of a unique identifier. This unique identifier lets the devices interact with people and other devices efficiently. Also, it allows us to track the devices in real time. We deal with the IDoT in our daily lives and our business environment.

Let’s take an example when you place an order on the online shopping sites; they provide you with the facility to track the item. Admittedly, this all happen and possible due to IDoT only. The item you have ordered has a barcode. This barcode is the unique identity of your product. Due to the barcode, you can track your orders efficiently.

This article deals with the effect of IDoT on blockchain cloud linked self-driven vehicles.

What Are Autonomous Vehicles?

Autonomous vehicles are the type of cars that do not need any driver to run, also known as self-driven vehicles. These vehicles use many technologies to run, like Radar, Lidar, and GPS. Since these are driverless vehicles, there is a need to build a communication system among them. This system lets them interact with one another. This is important because it reduces the risk of road accidents. Such contact is set via Internet of Things solutions.

How Is IDoT Helpful for Automated Vehicles?

As we see in the above example of online shopping, when you buy any goods from an online store, say Flipkart, you will get it in some days. Meantime, you can track the spot of the product. This feature will let you know when the product will arrive.

In the case of self-driven vehicles, the owners can track their vehicles in real time. Moreover, IDoT also helps vehicles making the decisions. This is helpful in the absence of human support.

The IDoT technology uses the internet to transfer data. Hence, there is a risk of data hacks. Data safety is one of the main concerns in IDoT technology. Blockchain technology may solve this problem.

Blockchain — Security Solutions

Blockchain can solve many security issues. This is a peer-to-peer technology in which the links between nodes are broadcast to the network.

Blockchain technology is safe. Even hackers cannot make any changes to this technology.

Hackers generally install malicious software on the host system. Such a program is under the control of the hackers. It damages the system and steals confidential information. Hence, hackers are a severe threat to companies' economy. Since Blockchain usesa  private or public key, every software update needs the right key to sign in.

Blockchain in Self-Driven Vehicle Systems


One of the benefits of Blockchain technology in IDoT is for payment. Blockchain and IDoT together allow a car to manage refueling, parking, maintenance, etc without any human help.

Data Sharing

Data sharing is another example of Blockchain technology in IDoT. Self-driven vehicles rely on many devices like sensors, GPS, Lidar, optical cameras, etc.

A vehicle will use these tools for different goals. For example:

  1. GPS helps in navigation.

  2. Lidar helps in decreasing accidents.


For now, yearly premiums are available on car models. Such premium plans have no link with the use of the car. In the future, we are likely to see usage-based insurance plans.

Blockchain will make it possible to install a usage-based insurance policy by placing sensors in users' vehicles. Such sensors will read their driving habits and collect the data. This data will help insurers to provide discounts or better plans to the users.

Thus, this technology will help to drop the cost of insurance plans and lessen the risk of cheating.

GM and Toyota are currently working on such insurance products.

Examples of IDoT Technology

Porsche & Volkswagen

Porsche is now testing Blockchain technology for security purposes. In their research, they’ve noticed new facts about Blockchain. They found that Blockchain is six times faster than a centralized server, meaning Blockchain checks a person's identity six times faster.

Porsche is also planning to share a car's data with other cars on the road and trying to boost the safety of self-driven cars.

Volkswagen has linked up with IOTA to place Blockchain technology in its vehicles.


Toyota is working with MIT is to expand the options for identity and data sharing in self-driven cars.

Also, Toyota will also study new smart contract-based insurance products. Such products do not insure on a monthly basis. Instead, they provide coverage by the minute or by the trip. Such things depend on the customers' needs.

IDoT technology will open the door to more self-driven vehicles. Blockchain in IDoT is one of the major pillars to manage identity and secure data.

●    The technology collects data from robotic vehicles.

●    The collected data is stored and transacted.

●    The technology has made payment easier.

●    It also cuts down the cost of car insurance products.

●    It inspires companies to make good insurance products.


Blockchain and IDoT together support the growth of self-driven vehicles. Blockchain also helps to boost user experience. Further, it also reduces the lag in signal transfer and drops the cost of private car ownership by promoting car sharing.

In the future, all the new cars will come with an IP address and an internet link. Also, it is possible that in the future, there will be apps which support the Blockchain technology in IDoT. Such apps will help to promote vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure data transfer. Hence, it is good news for every app development company.

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