Understanding Nokia's New IoT Platform

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Understanding Nokia's New IoT Platform

Madhu Swamy gives his take on IMPACT, Nokia's new IoT platform, which is being offered to service providers, enterprises, governments, and individual homes.

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The digital space is expanding day by day. With the amount of probabilities the Internet technology could accomplish in the sense of innovation, is still rudimentary. If those who created this technology were able to harness it properly, it could prove profitable. And if the new upcoming trends like Internet of Things (IoT), Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud technology are any indication, it has proved the profitability of this technology.

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The IoT has been invented in order to integrate the power of the Internet with the real world. A web of physical entities like a car, house, vehicles, and maybe even humans is formed. These physical entities will be connected to the internet through the sensors or network connectivity hardware embedded inside the physical entity.

Harnessing this new technology, Nokia has come up with its own IoT platform. Named Intelligent Management Platform for All Connected Things (IMPACT) is Nokia’s new offering in the Internet Technology space. The IMPACT is run through the Cloud technology, and is an offered service to service providers, enterprises, and governments. However, their main target is individual homes.

Smart Home Gateway is a new technology designed by Nokia. It is quite similar to Apple’s HomeKit App in theory. Through this, anyone who uses Nokia’s IoT platform in their house, the user will be able to control things at their home like the house lights, garage door, washing machine, dishwashers, and security through the Internet.

Nokia wants IMPACT to reach every home through service providers and thus IMPACT has been built keeping these service providers in mind. It is to be sold on the Cloud as a managed device, but it can be built on individual infrastructures. From here on, they want to move up to bigger structures like an organization, enterprise, and even governments.

IMPACT provides its service in many domains; right from data collection, event processing, and device management to data analytics and security. It has supported over 80 thousand different device models over different manufacturers and is still detecting and supporting new models because of the Motive Connected Device Platform integrated into IMPACT. This has been achieved despite the fragmentation of the IoT market. And with its entry into the healthcare vertical with Nokia’s acquisition of Withings, IMPACT is going to impact the healthcare market using IoT technology.

Nokia which has had a strong game due to their strength in hardware technology might be able to have a good position in the IoT market. If IMPACT is able to prove itself and get customers for its service, then the telecommunications mogul will have the chance to stay ahead in the competition of harnessing this new technology.

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