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Impacts of Emerging Technologies

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Impacts of Emerging Technologies

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The long awaited day had finally come, I was going rock climbing for the first time ever. You can imagine the excitement exuding from my 12 year old self. You can also imagine the inconsolable disappointment when my friend’s mom didn’t have the authority to sign my safety waivers and my mom (who was a thousand miles away in an airport) didn’t have access to a fax machine. In their early days, fax machines completely changed the game of business, but now they are outdated, complicated and obsolete. Luckily for the nearly extinct fax though, it found a way to adapt in this new age of technology and now proves to be one of the most useful tools in every office and home.




Online faxing is above all else, convenient. No longer do you have to fight with the fax machine - dreaded paper jams, empty toner, busy signals, you know the drill. Now you can easily receive and send documents through email anytime, anywhere. When someone sends a fax to your assigned phone number, it is converted into an online text document sent straight to your email. You can also send faxes from your email to other online fax users and conventional fax users.


Many online fax services even offer user-friendly apps that you can access through your smartphone. This allows you to receive and send faxes from anywhere in the world since we are no longer tied down by a landline.




Another huge issue with standard faxing is security. Often times documents sent over conventional fax contain personal information and offices usually only have a few fax machines to serve the whole building. In this type of setting it is very easy for your information to land in the wrong hands, or even get misplaced. In this day and age when identity theft is so prominent, conventional faxing is a risk most people can’t afford to take.


Online faxing takes all your worries out of the equation. Faxes are sent directly to the recipients email where it won’t get lost or picked up by the wrong person. It even allows you to add digitized signatures to all of your documents as well.




save money


One of the greatest attributes of efax is the price. There are no bulky and expensive machines, no toner or paper to constantly replace and no long distance phone charges. Efax services have a variety of pricing options that can fit any budget and need, whether its a flat monthly fee or price per page. Many services even offer a free trial period so you can feel confident in your decision to switch to online faxing.

Looking back on that tragic day where fax machines crushed one of my childhood dreams, I never thought I’d actually advocate faxing. If online faxing had existed 10 years ago, my mom could’ve signed the waivers and sent them right over in a matter of minutes from the airport or even her seat on the plane. Then maybe I would’ve been climbing toward my dreams, instead of being firmly planted on the ground. Just imagine the revolutionary possibilities online faxing could bring to your business!

Kassie Berger is a student at Rollins College in Orlando, FL.  She is majoring in Business and does significant research into emerging technologies and their revolutionary impacts on how business and personal lives are effective.  She has been creating content for Find A Fax for the past year regarding the advent of Efax and the implications it has in that industry. 


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