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Import RAML Directories in Postman Directly

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Import RAML Directories in Postman Directly

Good news for developers with version 3.1+ of Postman: it can detect all RAML API definitions inside a folder and import all of them.

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APIs designing with RAML (Rest API Modelling language) has become a new alternative for developers these days. API lead connectivity has become a new trend in enterprise applications connectivity. Industry level CIOs and CTOs have identified this to some extent, and so are promoting it at a large scale. With Mulesoft, developers find it pretty easy to design and develop an API and go for their connectivity.

Postman is an http requester tool that helps developers with API testing. There is good news for developers with version 3.1+: Postman can detect all RAML API definitions inside a folder and import all of them. The current version of the importer supports version 0.8 of the RAML spec.

Below is a sample use case:

Clone the GitHub RAML Definition

$ git clone https://github.com/raml-apis/GitHub.git

Open the Postman import dialog

Image title

You’ll see the import dialog, as shown below. Notice the new “Folder” tab.

Image title

Now import a directory/folder

Click on “Choose,” select the folder we just cloned (“Github”), and then hit “Upload”.

Image title

Now, Postman will detect all the RAML definitions, convert them internally to Postman
Collections, and then show you the import success message.

Image title

Postman’s folder importer can also import all files that are Postman Collections, or Postman Environments. This makes it easier to import multiple collections and their associated environments into Postman.

I hope this will help developers importing the RAML directory.

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