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Greetings Eclipse committers (especially those of you who are working on projects in the Indigo release train). Here are some important dates.

We will be assembling the annual road map at the end of January. As part of this, we need the project plans for those projects that are participating in Indigo to have their up-to-date project plans–in the standard format–recorded in the developer portal before January 28, 2011. If you need help, please let me know.

As many of you already know, the IP team is down a resource at the moment. To help them, please think very carefully whether you need something for the release train before entering your requirements. They want to make sure that we focus on the right priorities. Please enter your contribution questionnaires via the Portal no later than February 11, 2011 (and sooner if you can) for any third party packages that you would like to include in the release train. Indicate that you need it for Indigo (we won’t assume that just because you are on the train you need everything for that release) and the IP Team will make sure it appropriately prioritized. In order to allow the IP team to focus, we’re not going to be running any restructuring reviews that require their participation (e.g. moves) between January 1st and July 1st. If you have any questions please let me know.

This year’s big release review will be run from June 1-8, 2011. We’ll need the review documentation prior to the June 1, 2011 start date. Since we have so many projects coming in at the same time, we’ll need a little extra time to do the IP Log checks; please submit your IP Logs prior to May 18, 2011. I am prepared to assist with the assembly of IP Logs and can do a “warm up check” for any project that feels they need one at any time between now and then. Please let me know if you want to take advantage of this offer.

From http://dev.eclipse.org/blogs/wayne/2011/01/24/important-indigo-dates/


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