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Importing a MySQL database into Apache Solr: Part 1

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Looking for a nice tutorial on how to import MySQL databases into Solr?  Jon Ryan just posted the first part of an ongoing how-to for this task:

This is a tutorial for getting started with Apache Solr enterprise search with PHP and MySQL on Unix/Linux or Mac OS X.  Most of the information I have found is rather incomplete or full of erros so I wanted to share how I have successfully used Solr in a number of different applications.  I’m going to break this down into three separate posts/sections.
  • Importing a MySQL database into Apache Solr
  • Using PHP with Apache Solr
  • Using the Suggester feature in the new Apache Solr 3.1

So keep an eye on Jon's blog for an up-to-date tutorial on using PHP and MySQL with Solr.

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