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Impressions at OpenStack Summit Boston 2017

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Impressions at OpenStack Summit Boston 2017

Boston's OpenStack Summit saw plenty of news for OpenStack and the cloud in general. See how OpenStack is doing and what enterprises are turning to the cloud for.

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This year in Boston, Massachusetts, I was lucky enough to join the thousands of enthusiastic Stackers at the OpenStack Summit. This was a chance to take a closer look at the community and direction of the OpenStack as a platform.

The main event was the first-day kickoff and featured an extended morning of keynotes along with a background of the progression of OpenStack in the wild and within active enterprise users.

It started with an initial look back at the past year and how much the community has grown, but also showcasing that this growth wasn't just in the development space.

Look at the numbers and note the focus on production-based deployments:

  • 44% year on year growth of deployments of OpenStack.
  • ⅔ of monitored OpenStack deployments are in production.
  • Last year, 50% Fortune 100 running OS, this year 5 million cores of compute monitored in the wild.

This was followed by keynotes by a series of enterprise users that built their business around OpenStack deployments:

  • GE talked about healthcare migrations into OpenStack private Cloud.
  • Verizon telco talked about a full solution in NVF, CBN, and Edge solutions using OpenStack platform, a company working with Red Hat for years now.
  • The US Army talked about cost savings in the Cyber School where they are using OpenStack private cloud solutions.
    • A demo showcased infrastructure-as-code and used pipelines to generate new network deployments for a new course deployment.
  • Mirantis talked about their cloud platform using a crazy noisy intro comic book video.
  • AT&T Entertainment Group with DirectTV NOW discussed their use of OpenStack and the pursuit of CBN, NFV, and cloud-native culture using programmable infrastructure. Through their presentation, they:
    • Featured a hybrid cloud strategy leveraging microservices.
    • Stated that the future is containers, Kubernetes, and more.
    • Demoed using AppleTV and their app to deliver content.
  • eBay is running massively scalable containers and Kubernetes deployments on OpenStack.
  • Red Hat's CEO held fireside chat and Red Hat CTO Chris Wright talked about OpenStack contributions and collaborations for the last 12 years.

While this is just a small sample (there were more), it should give you the basic feel for the massive scale of OpenStack across a variety of enterprises. 

It's supporting private clouds, remotely managed private clouds, programmable infrastructure solutions, and hybrid cloud deployments. Booths in the Marketplace were well attended, and I spent my time at the demo pod for container-based applications delivery in the cloud with my friends from North America.

OpenStack is not dead, it is thriving as it is used throughout the world to support many of the services you personally are using today.

Until next year Stackers, thanks for the fun!

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