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Improvements to the F# Web Templates

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Improvements to the F# Web Templates

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There has been quite a bit of activity with various F# web templates over the last few months. This post will cover several of these activities.

ServiceStack Templates:

Kunjan Dalal and I have released version 2 of the ServiceStack templates. This version includes 4 new templates that target version 4 of ServiceStack. You can find the latest athttp://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/278caff1-917a-4ac1-a552-e5a2ce0f6e1f.

MVC 5 Templates:

There are now 2 new "empty" templates available in the latest release of the package available at http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/39ae8dec-d11a-4ac9-974e-be0fdadec71b. There have also been several fixes and enhancements provided by various members of the F# community.

Patrick McDonald improved the default serialization of the MVC5 and Web API templates so that an "@" character is no not appended to the end of JSON property names.
- Functionality has been added to appropriately handle cancellation of a template creation request
- The necessary changes have been made to allow NuGet restore to work for projects created from this template

Web Item Templates: 

Last but not least, the Web Item Templates have been enhanced to support Visual Studio Express 2013 for Web.


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