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Improving Your Bottom Line With Agile

Being in the technology industry is a thrill, but it is also a challenge. When it comes to testing, Agile automation is especially tough!

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Being in the technology industry is a thrill, but it is also a challenge. There is a constant pressure to remain current with the newest technology and software, as well as the methods by which to test and improve them. When it comes to testing, Agile automation is especially tough!

Agile can maximize your development team’s efficiency and speed. It can also fundamentally strengthen the quality of software being released, ultimately building better client and customer relationships and increasing your company’s profit margins. It all goes hand in hand. Agile practices specifically improve product development because test automation helps build confidence and consistency in the product development. It also leads to the successful deployment of full stack test automation by:

  1. Helping to manage the pace of sprints.
  2. Helping to find and eliminate critical bugs.
  3. Helping to create scalable and low-maintenance automation.

Agile’s most defining qualities are the speed of delivery and testing friendliness. Agile minimizes risks by controlling the scope of small releases and the development process time table (keeping it brief), but the speed of Agile releases can put pressure on test teams and test automation. Ultimately, when coupled with testing and driven by Action Based Testing (ABT), Agile automation practices will improve both system development and test development.

Agile’s additional value lies with its ability to benefit your company by constructing a collaborative environment. Testers rely on developers, who rely on designers, who rely on test automation engineers, and so on and so forth. Basically, Agile increases efficiency, improves product quality, and strengthens your team. It’s an all-around win.

When used properly, Action Based Testing is a key tool with which to optimize your automation and test design. Automation is a costly investment and can be a waste of resources if used incorrectly. Ultimately, the successful implementation will have a positive effect on your bottom line by improving the integrity of your product, so that you and users both win.

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