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Improving Your Google App Play Rankings – The Smart Way

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Improving Your Google App Play Rankings – The Smart Way

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After all the time and effort that you have invested into getting that Android app, you now need to focus solely on ranking your app at the top of the Play Store. The number of downloads its getting and the people who are satisfied using it together tell you how successful your app truly is!

It is important to understand how Google ranks its apps if you’re to achieve marketing success. To determine the app’s position on the ranking ladder, you should consider these tips.

  • Launch Duration – New android apps always get a better ranking than old ones as users are constantly looking for something new. It is easy to get a good rank within a month of your application’s launch.

  • Keywords –The right keywords need to describe your app perfectly – call it SEO, but you app needs to get noticed to be downloaded more.

  • Rate of download – A user viewing your page should witness the right blend of keywords along with a good download rate so that he knows that he finds exactly what he needs without wasting time.

  • Rate of retention – The retention rate is basically the number of users who have downloaded your app and kept it vs. the one who delete the app within 30 days of downloading it.

  • Reviews - Getting positive reviews means that users like your app and might also have a good effect on your retention rate.

Effective strategies to improve Google Play Store App Rankings

  • Use a keyword research tool such as Google AdWords to find out common related keywords and use them in the title and description appropriately. Increase your app’s conversion rate by using the right blend of images and demo videos and use a simple and easy to understand language in the app description.

  • Increase number of download by keeping hardware declarations optional in your manifest; avoid using different formats for different android versions and also use the same codebase to extent support for various android OS versions.

  • Use apps such as AppBoy and AppTentive to enhance user reviews which in turn will increase your ranking and promote your rate of click-to-download.

  • Focus on consistent and effective SEO to enhance more and more quality inbound links to your app page which will in turn increase your PageRank.

  • Increase your app’s quality by getting rid of bugs at the earliest and constantly improving the app’s UI.

  • Monitor your app’s performance by using The Google Universal Analytics or Flurry Analytics hyperlink. Fix bugs, work on areas of improvement and earn a higher retention rate and positive reviews.


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