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Improving Your Sales With Social Gaming

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Improving Your Sales With Social Gaming

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A salesman doesn’t “pitch” his products or services; he converses about them. He remains detailed, yet succinct; simple, but urbane; and sublet, but clever.  And the core elements that make a great salesman—urbane, clever and detailed—cannot be taught, his method of conversation can. But for a great teacher to transform a pitch into a conversation, the teacher must provide his salesman with the tools for success. And because training a salesmen to converse enhances proficiency and sales, your salesmen can benefit from one eccentric training method—social gaming.

Salesmen Need Motivation and Participation; Wheeldo Provides Both

Before your salesman can close a sale, he needs motivation and a reason for participation. Wheeldo’s “Mountaineer” game allows employees to present questions to one another to further comprehend information. Salesmen can create possible conversation openers, icebreakers and even closing statements for finalizing a sale. And because “Mountaineer” encourages motivation and participation, salesmen will enable their peer-to-peer learning skills and communication development essential for conversing with clients. 

Know the Target Audience

A great salesman knows the demographic age group of his target audience. He knows the average budget audiences are willing to spend on his product or services. And he especially knows the tendencies of his target audience, i.e., buzz words, sales jargon and closing techniques.

Thanks to Wheeldo’s “Trivia” game, managers can provide a competitive, multiple-choice game that tests your salesmen’s knowledge about the target audience. By offering a refresher on basic protocol, frequently made mistakes and key tactics, you can train your employees to converse, not to sell your products or services. You can educate employees on tactics that sell; evaluate employee performance; and understand an employee’s comprehension on conversing with clients.

A Didactic Method of Conversation

Consumers will ask questions. They’ll want to know more about the product and services you sell. And you, as a manager, will need to educate your salesmen on the most effective methods for closing sales, providing answers and assisting by answering common questions. “Voter” combines both question and answer in a social platform to present the perfect platform to build cohesion and instructional platforms for your selling strategies.

You can create a possible sales question and require participants to answer. You can challenge employee acumen and present complex questions they will face in their day-to-day operations. You can even provide a platform for motivating ideas and removing poor sales techniques.

Remember, your goal is to converse, not sell. Use these games to share, play and educate your salesmen to maximize, optimize and innovate your sales strategies.

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