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In-App Survey Integration Using App42 Marketing Automation in Mobile Apps

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In-App Survey Integration Using App42 Marketing Automation in Mobile Apps

Learn about in-app notifications for your mobile applications, and how you can use them for marketing or for surveys to aid in user analytics.

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App42 Marketing Automation supports in-app notifications, a feature that will help you increase user engagement in your app. In-app notifications basically means showing messages to your users when they are inside your app doing certain activities. For example, you can offer in-app purchases to users who are not able to cross a certain game level in X number of attempts through in-app notifications. Or, you can ask for feedback in a survey about their experience when they have completed a certain activity. For example, rating their overall purchase experience once the purchase is done. This can be done without writing a single line of code. We support different in-app notifications, like

  • Alerts
  • Confirmation
  • Surveys
  • Interstitial

Here, I am going to explain you about the survey in-app notification feature that we added recently.

  • Log into\register with the AppHQ console.
  • Select Marketing Automation from the drop-down present at the top.
  • Select any app from the drop-down.
  • Navigate to Campaign > Survey.
  • Click on Create Survey Campaign, as shown in the below image:

  • Enter the info, such as campaign name.

  • Choose your User Segmentation from existing segments, or you can create a new user segment.

  • Define Question type as well, like single or multiple choice, that may help you in case of analytics.

In-App Survey

For SDK integration, see our Getting Started guide. Once you complete all integration, you will be able to see in-app survey notifications on your device.

You can see Logged events reports from User Insights > Live View:

You can also see a Pie Chart of your survey event and find the best response from users on a specific time interval on given campaign.

You can also see users who have responded to certain ratings/answer to your survey under User Insights > Profile. You can also apply property filters based on answer type to see the users who have given a specific answer to your survey.
segmentation Segment your user base and take appropriate actions, Targeted Marketing

For more details about this feature, please feel free to write back to us at for any feedback and suggestions.

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