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Indian Outsourcers Hog US H-1B Visas

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Indian Outsourcers Hog US H-1B Visas

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Eight of the top 10 companies getting H-1B visas last year were Indian outsourcers; only two – Microsoft and Intel – were classic American high-tech firms, according to what BusinessWeek discovered in data just released by the US Citizenship & Immigration Services.

Microsoft got 959 visa petitions approved while Infosys Technologies got the most, 4,550, and Wipro got 2,567, the second most.

Infosys has 9,000 employees in the US, 7,500 on H-1B visas.

Critics in Congress accuse the outsourcers of abusing the US program and wiping out American jobs by importing low-cost workers, training them and then rotating them back to Indian to provide cheap support from abroad. American companies tend to want to keep their  H-1B people in the states  in perpetuity.

The visa cap is currently 65,000 a year and the industry has argued with Congress that the number needs to be expanded to at least 115,000.

With the weak US economy, it’s probably going to get harder to get Congress to agree those new visas without reform.


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