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Infographic: Anatomy of a Perfect Page

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Infographic: Anatomy of a Perfect Page

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Thematic collections of infographics are always interesting to people. Especially if they are somehow related to their field of activity. I have prepared another collection, which is devoted to the structure of a web page. Here is told, but rather shows the basic elements of almost every web page. Also, there is all sorts of advice on how to make this page efficient and ideal. These recommendations will be useful to all web designers and developers.

Information Graphics (known as infographics) are one of the best ways to transfer some information into a reader’s mind. It can be something new, or other useful information gathered in one place. Nowadays many people don’t have enough time to read a lot of text on multiple screens. Infographics make the information intuitive and understandable. That’s why we would like to share the best relevant infographics from all over the web.

The bigger version of The Anatomy of an Effective Homepage

Original source: The Anatomy of an Effective Homepage

The bigger version of What Beautiful HTML Code Looks Like

Original source: What Beautiful HTML Code Looks Like

The bigger version of Anatomy Of A Perfect Landing Page

Original source: Anatomy Of A Perfect Landing Page

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