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Inforama Document Automation System 1.5 Released


Inforama is a Java based Document Automation system which allows document templates to be created quickly and easily using OpenOffice. Templates are populated with data from parameters, databases and other datasources before being generated into PDFs for printing and emailing. Version 1.5 includes some significant enhancements and bug fixes including the following...

  • New installer and launcher to run Studio from executable
  • Google Docs plug-in which will allow documents to be generated from the contents of a Google Docs spreadsheet
  • JConsole plug-in to monitor Inforama Enterprise. Remotely monitor jobs as they are processed and see how memory and other metrics are behaving
  • New Rest API as an alternative to the SOAP API
  • Improved error reporting



There are some new webcasts which will take you through some of the new features including the Google Docs plug-in. These can be found at...

Download the Community Edition from SourceForge at http://sourceforge.net/projects/inforama/files/inforama/version%201.5%20GA%201/
Download the Enterprise Edition from the Inforama website at http://inforama.org/web/guest/download


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