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Initiative to extend the Kinect SDK with KinectContrib + Visual Studio 2010 Templates


Kinect SDK for Windows beta is in its early stages right now. It provides the fundamental access to the Kinect sensor with depth, video and skeletal tracking data. I decided to take this a bit further and implement some extensions for it, making the SDK even more productive. This project is a bit different from Coding4Fun Kinect Toolkit and will implement functionality that will make it easier to integrate it with XNA and Windows Phone applications. So to say, the focus areas of KinectContrib are:

  • Provided an easy-to-use diagnostics library that can be used to quickly test the Kinect sensor.
  • Provide XNA integration capabilities (e.g. bone management)
  • Provide Windows Phone integration capabilities (e.g. data transformations)

The first step was already made - I created some Visual Studio 2010 project templates for Kinect SDK. As long as the SDK is installed, those make it really easy to create applications that take advantage of any of the Kinect sensors.

More updates will be coming soon, as components of the project are developed. You can view the project page here.


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