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Innovation in business: making it pay

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Innovation in business: making it pay

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We are delighted to be teaming up again with Adi Gaskell to create the latest whitepaper, this time on the topic of innovation. Or more precisely, taking innovative ideas and see them through to fruition. 

[By the way, feel free to skip straight to the whitepaper]

There is a large amount of literature on how to create ideas or how to make a business more ‘idea-friendly’. This is important stuff no question. But often where ideas fail is not in their inherent value but in the company’s ability to pull together the required people, resources, approvals to see an idea move through the business and into the market. 

Adi’s guide does not dwell on the technology. As Adi points out quite correctly the tech is an enabler. But that is not to say the choice of that technology and its presence is extraordinarily valuable. Fostering, enabling and diving innovation is a key benefit of deploying a social collaboration platform and here are 5 quick reasons why:

1. Create dynamic groups 

Adi’s paper points out that innovating implies doing things differently. Putting people together in different groups with new people and unfamiliar structures is likely a requisite. BCSocial allows you to build projects and groups in seconds.

2. Keep the discussion close to the content 

One thing is certain: a lot of new content will be created in innovations cycles. Pricing proposals, project plans, presentations will all be quickly generated. Keeping this content associated with the teams and easily shared and commented on will keep things moving.

3. Maintain visibility of the project

A stellar way to lose energy from a great kick-off session is to see discussion disappear into email. Even having it reside in a mail client with the day-to-day business can subconsciously see the time dedicated to new ideas diminish. Better to keep discussion open, fast and shared on a collaboration platform.

4. Create the workflow to keep things moving 

Being able to model the stages of an innovation process allows everyone to share in the visualisation of progress. Nothing provides momentum like a feeling of achievement and a process moving from Development to Deployment milestones encourages continued participation.

5. Invite the experts in 

To really breathe oxygen into an innovation process, one should be allowed to bring in external experts into the project whether they are fellow employees or complete outsiders. BCSocial allows this to happen and provides the guest user with limited or full access to the previous discussions and materials. Everyone is up to speed straight away and ready to contribute. 

I encourage you to read the whitepaper with this technology backgrounder in mind. There is truly great advice in there and feel free to let us know what you think.  


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