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Uploading Master Data in MongoDB Atlas

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Uploading Master Data in MongoDB Atlas

Read this short tutorial that includes informational pictures in order to learn more about how to efficiently upload master data into MongoDB Atlas.

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We hope you already have a MongoDB Atlas instance and you need to import master data in your collections.

Before you can import data, you need to whitelist your IP and create a user that has read/write permissions through the security tab.

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MongoImport can be used to import data from json , csv, or tsv file.

To fire MongoImport command, traverse to the path where you have installed MongoDB on local:

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Command to Be Used on windows:

C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Server\3.4\bin>mongoimport --host dzone-shard-00-00-abcde.mongodb.net:27017 --ssl --authenticationDatabase admin --username <userName> --password <password> --db testDB --collection Test --file C:\DZone\Test.json --jsonArray

Note : Please replace host , userName , password , db, and collection.


The MongoFiles utility makes it possible to manipulate files stored in your MongoDB instance in GridFS objects from the command line. It is particularly useful as it provides an interface between objects stored in your file system and GridFS.

Command to Be Used on Windows:

C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Server\3.4\bin>mongofiles --host dzone-shard-00-00-abcde.mongodb.net:27017 --ssl --authenticationDatabase admin --username <userName> --password <password> --db <DB> -l C:\DZone\Test.pdf put Test.pdf

Note : Please replace host , userName , password , db, and collection.

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