Inspirational and Motivational Videos for Developers

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Inspirational and Motivational Videos for Developers

This collection of videos and websites is intended to inspire you and to motivate you to believe in yourself and push forward.

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Have you ever been writing code and building something extraordinary and you decide to show it to someone, then they look at it and say it's a stupid, dumb, or crazy idea?

Pick which one happens next:

  1. You start second-guessing yourself every time you get near your project.
  2. You stop working on the project.
  3. You throw it out, thinking it won't work.
  4. You let the comment bounce off of you and power through the project.

Many people pick number 1, 2, or 3.

You need enough confidence and motivation to get you up to number 4. You have to believe in yourself and push forward.

Today's collection is meant to inspire and motivate you...

  • To write that eBook (It's NaNoWriMo, you know!).
  • To continue working on that side-project that will make you $1,000/month.
  • To start learning that new language.

So bookmark this page and share it, and anytime you get down in the dumps, come over to this collection and open every link.

(Also, if you have other motivational or inspirational links, definitely post them in the comments below and I will add them to this post).

The Collection

This Is Water

Video on how to be well-adjusted, educated, and aware of what's around you and not just by running the rat-race.

The Programming Rules From HP's Garage

They started out just like you only instead of in your parent's basement, they did it in a garage.

Why I Don't Do Unpaid Overtime and Neither Should You 

A great post that I refer to when I'm working a little too much.

Why Do We Fall? 

Video to definitely get the juices flowing. It's a collection of motivational speeches. Some give me goosebumps.

VERSUS 2010: You Versus Them

Another video that always gets me fired up. It's always about you vs. "can't," you vs. another guy.

World of Inspiration 

Great website providing inspirational quotes.

Life Lessons 

A solid list of 30 life lessons about life in general. Great tips and ideas.

Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying 

The famous scene from the Shawshank Redemption.

Michael Jordan Quote on Failure 

A great quote from Sir Altitude!

How to think like an entrepreneur, even when you're not one 

A Fast Company article describing an entrepreneur's mindset from vision to strategy helping beginner thought-provokers.

Coder's High 

More proof of what developers experience when writing code. It's an absolute awesome feeling when you get into the groove.

Richard Branson: Launching a Business? Do These Three Things or Fail! 

The man himself talks about three areas which every start-up should focus their attention.

Jim Carrey's Famous Commencement Speech 

I have always loved Jim Carrey as a comedian and, after watching this, I respect him even more.

Jump to 10:10 for his famous line.

The Number #1 Best Motivational Speech Ever 

How bad do you want success? More than breathing?

The Complete Guide to Never Quitting Anything Again

The Next Web's great post on how to focus on completing your goal and never quitting.


The Billionaire Mindset

Understanding the great achievers of the world.

When You Love Your Job with Passion

Amazing people taking their boring job and making it an exciting every day.

10 Inspiring TED Talks That Boost Confidence

A great list of short videos that will inspire you and boost your confidence.

Adrien Kosmaczewski - Being A Developer After 40

A great video on how Adrien absolutely loves what he does.

Put Yourself Out There and Publish That Open Source Project Today

This post from Scott is in my bookmarks for a reason. I'm trying to build a side-project and have always worried about releasing it into the wild.


I have this image behind me on my whiteboard to remind myself to keep pushing forward.


I hope this collection inspires and motivates you to build the next Facebook or WhatsApp.

What inspires you? An image, a video, or audio? Post your comments below.

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