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Installing Google Play Services in Genymotion Emulator

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Installing Google Play Services in Genymotion Emulator

When using Genymotion for emulating Android applications, you'll need to follow some extra steps to get Google Maps available.

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The Genymotion for Android is considered to be an fastest Android emulator alternative for testing Android applications. By default Genymotion doesnt directly include the Google Play Services. This means that some of the Android features such as Google Map, require Google play service cannot be tested on the Genymotion emulator.

However, it allows you to install the required Google Play Services by yourself. This post explains the instructions for installing Google Play Services in the Genymotion emulator.

  1. It is assumed you already have the Genymotion emulator installed and have download one or more of the supported device images.
  2. Start the Genymotion Virtual device you have configured. In this post, I have configured Google Nexus6 Android version 5.0.

Genymotion Emulator Manager

  1. Download the appropriate version of Google Play Services .zip file from www.teamandroid.com/gapps/. Make sure to download the Google Play Services version same as your virtual device Android version.
  2. Drag the .zip file onto the running virtual device and drop it to install the component, here we show it on Mac OS X, but the same mechanism is used in Windows. Notice that, a dialog will appear and show as file transfer in progress, then another dialog will appear and ask that do you want to flash it on the emulator.

Installing Google Play Services in Genymotion Emulator

  1. Click OK and reboot the virtual device.
  2. Reboot the virtual device and notice that Google Apps will be in the emulator. Now you can run applications that depend on Google Play Service API.

Google Play Services installed in Genymotion Emulator

Note: Google Apps Services may crash frequently and stopped working. This means you may need to upgrade al required Google Apos from Play Store.

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