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Installing WebMatrix 1.0 (stable) after installing WM2 Beta

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If you downloaded the beta version of WebMatrix 2 (great job you early adopter!) you may have run into issues if you then tried to install or reinstall the stable WebMatrix 1.0

However, installing WebMatrix 2 beta makes it harder to install (reinstall) the WebMatrix 1 (actually, 1.1), should you ever need to do that. (I did recently.) If you go to the download page and try to install the non-beta version of WebMatrix you won't get it, even if you carefully and explicitly don't choose the beta download option. You'll be offered WebMatrix 2 beta only. --Mike Pope

Luckily, Mike got some help from Microsoft employee Chris Sfanos.  The problem occurs because there is also a new Web Platform Installer (WebPI) that comes with WebMatrix 2.0.  So if you install 1.0 with the beta WebPI, it thinks you're installingn WebMatrix 2.0.  All you need to do to solve this issue is uninstall the beta WebPI and get the WebPI that comes with the 1.0 installation.  Easy fix.

Source: http://www.mikepope.com/blog/DisplayBlog.aspx?permalink=2318

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