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Instant Ruby on Rails: Instantly Deploy and Scale Your Rails App on Any Cloud

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Instant Ruby on Rails: Instantly Deploy and Scale Your Rails App on Any Cloud

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Learn how to migrate and modernize stateless applications and run them in a Kubernetes cluster.

Many developers and devops do a lot of repetitive tasks every day. One of them is deploying a web app and scaling it. We all know the theory for deployment: install an app server, install a database, deploy your app on the app server and your data on the database.

Scaling is also a common problem, however, several people already have answers for it: put a load balancer in front, duplicate your app server, create database slaves for read-only data, create a database cluster for high volumes of writes, use in-memory or NoSQL databases for extremely high write volumes, use Memcached to avoid going to the database, use Varnish to avoid going to the web server, etc.

So these are not new problems, more like common recurring tasks for devops and developers. What if instant solutions could be made available so that anybody in the world, independent of their level of knowledge, could instantly install a scalable solution?

At Ubuntu we think open-source blueprint solutions for these common problems should be within everybody’s reach. Instantly deploying and scaling a Rails app on any cloud is already a reality: https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/howto-rails.html. The next step is to make it even easier. One command or drag-and-drop to deploy a complete stack in high-availability. Even one command to have continuous deployment and high-availability at once. This is exactly why we are organizing a contest to win $10,000 with six categories. Two of them should be familiar to you now: high-availability and continuous deployment.

Can you imagine the extra time you will gain if all common recurring problems would instantly disappear? Especially if you think about how what is a common and recurring problem for some experts might be rocket science for the rest of us. If you haven’t played around with Juju, then this is as good a time as any ...

Join us in exploring application and infrastructure changes required for running scalable, observable, and portable apps on Kubernetes.


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