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Instantiations Updates GWT Designer for Google Web Toolkit 1.5

Instantiations today announced the release of GWT Designer™ 5.1. This major version upgrade of the product includes support for GWT 1.5 as well as basic support for GWT-Ext and MyGWT. Based on Instantiations award-winning WindowBuilder product, GWT Designer is an Eclipse-based GUI creation tool supporting features such as drag-and-drop GUI building and bi-directional code generation, providing several useful wizards that help make GWT development easier.

Price and Free Trial
GWT Developer is available through an annual subscription of $59 for one year, $99 for 2-years, $139 for 3-years (all of which include one year of support), or a perpetual license for $124 with one year of support. Current up-to-date subscription holders of GWT Designer can upgrade to the new versions at no cost as part of their annual license.

A two-week free trial is available at

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