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Integrating Legacy Datasets and Data Sources to Solve Business Problems

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Integrating Legacy Datasets and Data Sources to Solve Business Problems

Having integrated legacy datasets and data sources eliminates data silos, reduces time, and increases efficiency.

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Thanks to Chris Holly, Head of IS for IGas Energy for sharing his experience and insight using M-Files and Esri to meet the document management requirements for ISO 9001 and 14000 or a legacy business with more than 25 years of business documents spread throughout the organization.

When Chris was challenged to develop a document management system for ISO 9001, he thought beyond the initial requirement and saw IGas really needed a business process management tool. The vision was to improve business processes by identifying where improvements can be achieved through the use of technology, standardizing and streamlining processes, nurturing an improvement mentality, and ensuring a consistent quality approach across all areas of the business.

IGas was already using M-Files for document management since it did not require Chris to have developers on site. He identified Esri as his GIS solution and information management tool and used M-Files with ESRI to gain access to information from different silos of data making the user experience (UX) better for everyone.

IGas is now using M-Files and Esri to:

  • Build a master table addressing 25 years of naming taxonomies.
  • Track maintenance on well sites to perform predictive and preventive maintenance.
  • Manage all authorizations for expenditures (AFEs) so a user can get an approval in the same day rather than waiting a week or two.
  • Monitor expenses versus AFEs.
  • Click on the GIS interface to see all of the documentation for every site.
  • Manage environmental and regulatory compliance.
  • Keep track of all of the documentation needed for numerous regulatory authorities IGas must report to.
  • Automate operations reporting.

This integration and creative use of two solutions to solve numerous use cases helped IGas offload three business-siloed applications with others on the horizon. Most of the functionality has been built through GUIs. Chris is confident developers who understand the M-Files and Esri tool boxes can get much more out of the software than he is, though it has already added significant business value to the organization.

For the future, Chris sees he and his team continuing to improve business processes by mobilizing the workforce and putting standard operating procedures and risk assessment into the hands of everyone in the field, thus making them more proactive with maintenance and a more environmentally friendly company.

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