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Intelligence Built for Enterprises With AI-Powered Business Applications

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Intelligence Built for Enterprises With AI-Powered Business Applications

Let's look at an opinion on why AI-powered businesses are on the right track and how those who refuse to adapt will be left behind.

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Only a year ago, industry discourse around artificial intelligence (AI) was focused on whether or not to go the AI way. Businesses found themselves facing an important choice — weighing the considerable value that would manifest against the investment of capital and talent AI would necessitate. But that was yesterday.

Today, we have reached a critical inflection point. With their technology deployments hitting maturity, early adopters of AI have begun to realize incredible advantages — the ability to optimize operations, maximize productivity, derive insights and be more responsive to real-time market demands. The results are out for the world to see.

AI has become indispensable in a scenario where responding to business challenges with a reactive approach is no longer good enough. Today, AI is not a choice. Those who fail to adapt will simply become obsolete.  

The Need of the Hour: AI for Every Enterprise

We are moving inexorably towards an AI-driven industry. In its 2017 predictions for AI, reputed research firm Gartner predicts that by as early as 2019, start-ups will overtake leading tech giants with disruptive solutions that will advance the frontier of a new AI-led economy.1 A study commissioned by Infosys, polling 1600 senior business decision-makers across 7 markets, found that fear of change, paucity of in-house skills and lack of proven solutions were key factors inhibiting AI adoption.2 At the same time, 71% of those respondents stated they believed AI-led transformation was inevitable.2

We appear to have hit a conundrum.

Enterprises can no longer hope to cobble together powerful AI deployments using disjointed tools from open source offerings or multiple vendors and solution providers. At the same time, they cannot afford to lose valuable time and money on restructuring legacy infrastructures to make way for end-to-end AI solutions. Neither can they afford inaction. Clearly, there is a gaping lacuna when it comes to AI offerings for enterprises. What, then, is the answer?

The Solution: Business Applications Built on AI

We understand that enterprises seeking to commence their AI journey need skilled support and a comprehensive solution that adapts seamlessly to their existing infrastructures. Bearing this in mind, there are robust and cohesive AI platforms that deliver a plethora of advanced technologies such as machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL), natural language processing (NLP), and optical character recognition (OCR), among others. Enterprises can have it all, you just need to go for it. 


AI is, without a doubt, the prime driver of industry transformation, promising to completely alter the way we work and do business. The change has begun, and it is steadily gathering momentum. This is the right moment for forward-looking enterprises to take the plunge and strike while the metaphorical iron is still hot, to ensure that they do not get left behind.


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