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IntelliJ and TeamCity Load Up on New Features

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IntelliJ and TeamCity Load Up on New Features

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This week JetBrains unleashed two version updates for its flagship development tools.  The releases included IntelliJ IDEA 9.0.2, JetBrains' IDE platform, and Team City 5.1, their continuous integration and build server.  IntelliJ features Groovy, GWT, and CSS3 improvements while TeamCity adds better .NET support and Java detection for agents.

IntelliJ IDEA 9.0.2
9.0.2 brings support for the UiBinder in Google's Web Toolkit 2.0.  The IDE can now understand tags and attributes in ui.xml files.  Along with GWT features, IDEA has also added improved support for CSS3 and now features Grails 1.2 Ivy dependencies tracking and Zen Coding HTML/XML feature support.  When the Zen Coding plugin is installed, users can pick from hundreds of complex HTML, CSS, and XML live templates for rapid development.  Flex developers will love the new parallel Flex modules (facets) compilation, which speeds up Flex development.  IDEA 9.0.2 also adds AIR packaging for .air and .airi files.

Here are a number of other improvements:

  • Stacktrace folding for Groovy code
  • PHP code style (formatting) options.
  • New PHP inspections: unused private field, unused local variable.
  • New PHP quick fixes and intentions: automatically added stubs for non-implemented abstract methods, getters and setters.
  • Support for vertical indent guides in editor (Settings | Editor | Appearance | Show vertical indent guides)
  • “Show in Explorer”/”Reveal in Finder” actions in context menu
  • Improved detection of project indexes rebuild necessity on IDE startup
  • Code sample preview for several programming languages (currently implemented for Java, JavaScript, PHP).
  • Possibility to attach source to decompiled class file directly from edit window
  • Support for autoboxing when evaluating expressions in Java debugger
  • UML diff tool
  • Inline display (folding) for values of Spring property placeholders
  • Improved support for remote projects (via FTP/SFTP, mount/share)

And here are some Database-related functionality changes:

  • Database Console now has its own toolwindow
  • New console-like UI that keeps input and output in one place and retains the highlighting for execution history
  • Keyboard shortcuts for all Console actions are now configurable
  • Per-result Page Up, Page Down and Refresh actions
  • Complete support for In-Memory Databases (try running some DDL in Console then click Refresh Tables and all the tables will be loaded in the Data Sources tree)
  • Improved support for heavy JDBC drivers that use native libraries to run
  • The notion of Database Connection allows IntelliJ IDEA to do some cool stuff such as Quick Table Contents Lookup integrated with Quick Documentation Lookup (Ctrl+Q)

IntelliJ IDEA comes in an Ultimate Edition and Free Community Edition.

TeamCity 5.1
Version 5.0 was the first version of Team City that could run in the cloud.  Now 5.1 has added support for Amazon EC2's US West region and has significantly improved support for Maven and the recent releases from Microsoft - VS 2010 and .NET 4.  IDEA-based code coverage has now been added for Maven runner and the Maven artifact trigger now supports classifiers.  

Code Coverage Summary

Build agents now come installed with the new plugin and they detect Java (JDK and JRE) in order to set the corresponding environment variables.  IDE integration plugins have new features, and time zone auto-detection can be enabled for geographically dispersed teams.  TeamCity 5.1 also features support for the latest milestone of Eclipse 3.6.

Collapsed Projects

Projects can now be collapsed on the overview page (seen above) and there is also a "current problems" tab on the project page.  More customization is available for notification templates, and the email notifier now uses HTML for email messages.  Build triggers are another significantly changed feature.  Developers can add triggers and VCS roots to template-inherited configurations.

Here are some added features for .NET support

  • Added support for .NET 4.0, Visual Studio 2010 and TFS 2010.
  • All solution runners (except 2003) were merged into Visual Studio (sln) runner, which includes support for Visual Studio 2010.
  • NUnit tests UI is available in MSBuild runner, which supports running each test assembly in its own process.
  • NAnt 0.90 alpha 1 is supported.
  • Added support for NUnit 2.5.3 and 2.5.4.
  • Improved .NET Coverage reporting.

You can download TeamCity and IntelliJ IDEA at Jetbrains.com.  

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