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If you search on the net you'll find plenty of resources on IntelliJ IDEA. In this post I'm presenting to you a consolidated list of the links that I believe might be of most value.


When you're looking for initial information to jump start using IntelliJ IDEA, you should definitely check the IntelliJ IDEA RefCard. In 7 pages you get all the information necessary to understand the IDE UI layout, most frequently used keyboard shortcuts and typical workflows.

The documentation section of the JetBrains website provides all the information you may need to understand IntelliJ IDEA inside out. What I'd like to point out here, are the three documents useful for Eclipse developers, who need to get their hands on IDEA quickly:


Over time we've created a great number of screencasts featuring various aspects of using the tool. They will give you an overview of what and how you can achieve and will help you get started with particular technologies. Check them out at the on-line demos page.


The Community page will give you direct links to on-line forums, issue trackers and knowledge bases for all JetBrains products. We at JetBrains take users' input very seriously so stay asured your comments, suggestions or bug reports will be considered and reflected in the evolution of the products.
Whenever you get an idea for improvement or experience a difficulty using IDEA, report the issue through the IDEA's issue tracker.
You may also consider participating in the Early Access Program. The JetBrains EAP gives you an opportunity to try new functionality before it gets released to the public and influence its evolution.

If you're a User Group leader, work on an open source project or for academia, you'll certainly find the Community Support page interesting. Make sure you use all of the benefits JetBrains offers to your community, project or university.


What if you run into troubles? Got stuck when evaluating? Don't know how to enable certain features? Hit a compatibility issue? Experiencing an unbearable responsiveness slowdown? We want to be around if you need help and so provide a free, quick, round-the-clock technical support. Go to the support page and use any of the channels that are available - forum, email or an on-line form. We'll help you resolve the issues.

Develop with pleasure!


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