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Intellij + Infinitest Continuous Testing

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Intellij + Infinitest Continuous Testing

The Infinitest is a continuous testing plugin that helps run tests automatically.

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The Infinitest is a continuous testing plugin that helps run tests automatically.

1. Install on IntelliJ

1.1 In Plugins, click “Browse repositories.”


1.2 Type “Infinitest” and click on the “Install” button.


1.3 Restart the Intellij IDEA.

2. Add the Infinitest Facet

In the project structure and settings, add an “Infinitest” facet.


3. Enable "Make Project Automatically"

3.1 By default, Intellij doesn’t compile classes automatically. You need to enable it manually so that the “Infinitest” plugin can detect the changes and run the test automatically.

3.2 In project settings or preferences, select “Compiler” -> Make project automatically


4. Continuous Testing

Done! Everything is ready. Enjoy the continuous testing.

Note: the Infinitest plugin will run all of the test classes while any of the project source code is changed. If a test class is modified, the Infinitest plugin will run the current modified test class automatically.

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