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NEW Refcard and 5 FREE Licenses: Unlocking the Power of IntelliJ IDEA

Today, DZone has released its latest Refcard, IntelliJ IDEA. Download today and win a shot at a free personal license!

JetBrains has always claimed that IntelliJ IDEA is the most "intelligent Java IDE", but sometimes you need a little extra help. Today, DZone has released its newest Refcard, focused on unlocking the powerful features of IntelliJ.

This Refcard aims at making you "orders of magnitude" more productive with the IDE than you were before, covering such things are useful keyboard shortcuts, understanding what all those icons mean (yea, there are A LOT!), and using IDEA's intelligence to write less code.

Download the Refcard this week and be entered to win one of 5 FREE Personal Licenses for IntelliJ IDEA, courtesy of JetBrains.

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