Intense Interest Continues with Fivefold Increase in Apple Watch Traffic

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Intense Interest Continues with Fivefold Increase in Apple Watch Traffic

Seems like everyone wants in on wearables

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It’s been just over 6 weeks since we introduced Apple Watch performance monitoring support in our iOS SDK 5.2.0 release , and it’s shaping up to be one of our most popular updates

Everything Apple Watch is exploding. We’ve seen a 530% increase in Apple Watch traffic captured by our updated SDK since launch. And  a recent tutorial, How to Build an Apple Watch App with WatchKit by Chris Beauchamp, our Developer Evangelist, is one of our most popular ever.

Why the Intense Interest in Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is perhaps the most intriguing device to ever come from Apple. Because we all saw what a game-change the iPhone was, most people are aware that the Watch has the capacity to alter how we live even more. For many of us, it becomes not if, but when we will buy an Apple Watch or another similar device.

Also intriguing is that while we understand the features of the Apple Watch, many of the killer-apps for the device still have yet to emerge. For developers and enterprises alike. the Apple Watch is almost like a blank canvas that offers new innovative ways to reach customers. The upcoming introduction of watchOS 2, and its support for native third party apps, guarantees a flood of new apps to the App Store come fall.

The Emergence of the Micromoment

Enterprises need to approach building important mission critical and m-commerce apps for this intriguing new device – but how? And how will developers take advantage of native access to hardware features like the Digital Crown, Taptic Engine, and health sensor?

The answer comes down to understanding the user experience and accepting that the Apple Watch is fundamentally different from other mobile devices. Forrester Research urges app developers to focus on user experience and what they term “micromoments.”

A micromoment is a mobile moment that requires only a glance to identify and deliver quick information that you can consume or act on immediately. Twenty-five percent of US online adults get tired of pulling their phones out of their pockets all the time. Smartwatches are the perfect fit for marketers to deliver value in micromoments when people are traveling, jogging, commuting, or in a meeting.

Businesses that focus on understanding the user during these micromoments will be the most likely to be successful and to create the next killer-app.

Crittercism’s Apple Watch support, with features such as Crash Reporting, Breadcrumbs and Business Transactions, combines the performance and behavioral data necessary to quickly understand this user experience.

Micromoments in Action

Already at Crittercism we are seeing considerable innovation across our client base. Some interesting apps focused on these micromoments include the following:

Chipotle “Burrito Button” app

Customers can locate the nearest location, tap to make an order, and then view a countdown to when their order will be ready. Yummmmmm.

Groupon Deals, Coupons & Shopping app

Users are alerted to deals that are in close proximity to them, and then can even purchase a deal using the Apple Watch.

Starwood Hotels Keyless app

Guests can bypass check-in, go directly to their hotel room and unlock their room using their watch.

You can start to understand the user experience and to begin building the next killer-app with iOS SDK 5.2.0. Remember, it’s not about if you need to build a Watch app – it’s about when you decide to.

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