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Interesting jQuery Mobile Tutorials

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Interesting jQuery Mobile Tutorials

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Here are some links to interesting jQuery Mobile tutorials for your reading pleasure:

  • Introduction to jQuery Mobile. In this article you will learn the basics of the framework and how to write a functional mobile web application user interface without writing a single line of JavaScript code. An example guides you through basic pages, navigation, toolbars, list views, form controls, and transition effects.
  • jQuery Mobile Framework – A Forms Tutorial. In you’re interested in form elements, this small B2C application example focuses on basic elements such as page structure, forms and Ajax form submission.
  • 10 handy jQuery mobile tips and snippets to get you started. As the title says, these are snippets and tips that help make your development easier. Among other things, they cover the structure of a mobile page, how to target devices and platforms and how to build column layouts.
  • Build a jQuery Mobile Survey App. This is a tutorial series on creating a survey web application with jQuery Mobile and Ruby on Rails. You can easily adapt what you learn here to other server-side technologies such as ColdFusion and ASP.NET.
  • Build a Contacts Application With jQuery Mobile & the Android SDK. If you’re interested in creating hybrid applications with a JQuery Mobile UI, this is a series that uses a contacts management application to demonstrate the integration between a JQuery Mobile UI and the Android SDK.
  • Use jQuery Mobile to Build a Native Android News Reader App. Another example of how to integrate a JQuery Mobile UI with the Android SDK.
  • jQuery Mobile videos at Pinehead.tv. Multiple videos on how to create JQuery Mobile interfaces, covering events, styling, links, buttons, navigation and Admob.
  • jQuery Mobile UI Cheat Sheet. Here you can quickly lookup the basic syntax of pages and buttons, form elements, lists, dialogs, toolbars and column layouts.

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