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There were quite a few interesting posts this past week–whose topics ranged from what motivates us to how we may have erred in fundamental assumptions about executive compensation.

Chaos Control Collaboration,” by Mary Abraham. Losing control, gaining collaboration, and social media.

Holly Green, “Shifting from Strategic Planning to Strategic Agility,” in Forbes. “The huge flaw in this process (strategic planning) is the assumption that the world is reasonably stable and somewhat predictable. Maybe a few generations ago. But anyone who has been paying attention the last few years knows that today’s world is neither.”

Mike Rother, “Who Ever Experiments Faster, Wins.” Many managers seek certainty and “I don’t know” is not an acceptable response. This needs to change.

Dan Pink, The Telegraph (UK), “Forget shareholders, maximise consumer value instead.” An interesting article on how most CEO’s focus on shareholder value—and that the link between shareholder value and executive compensation is tenuous. According to one management writer, “Our theories about the fundamental goal of corporations and the optimal structure of executive compensation are fatally flawed.”

Dan Pink, “The 4 Most Overlooked Attributes of Successful Coaches.” A review of “Stillpower,” by Garret Kramer. A look at what motivates us, and what doesn’t. Very interesting!

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