IoT in the HVAC Industry

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IoT in the HVAC Industry

IoT is reaching further and further daily; check out some of the opportunities that the HVAC industry will have to get involved.

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The most well-known IoT-enabled devices sit firmly in the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) space. We all know Google’s Nest as the home thermostat that can be accessed from anywhere and that learns your habits. There are plenty more HVAC opportunities for the Internet of Things. Let’s check out some of them:

Home Automation

Home automation and intelligent buildings are predicted to form the largest application of IoT-enable products. It’s simple to see why. As consumers, we crave the convenience of accessing our product remotely or better yet, for our products to know what we want before we tell them. This starts with thermostats, air conditioning units, boilers and more.

Multiple Unit Monitoring and Maintenance

For organizations dealing with multiple units, it can be difficult to keep track of all of them. Think of the amount of heating and ventilation units in a hospital, hotel chain, airport, or office park. Maintenance here is manual, where, if a unit breaks down, it has to be discovered and reported before the damage can be assessed, parts organized, and the repair eventually takes place. IoT-enabled units would send any breakages to one control monitor in real-time. The information of the actual breakage and what part needs replacing can also be sent. The repair is a lot more efficient.

Energy Savings

Whether for organization dealing with multiple units, private homes or businesses with high energy consumption (we spoke about food retail here), energy savings can be achieved. IoT-enabled devices learn over time. Not only can they send an alert for abnormalities, but they are able to adjust their energy output based on environmental factors not just time of day. For example, a room receives a lot of sun that warms it up, however, the heating is set on a timer that dictates it should heat the room. An IoT-enabled heater would understand the influence of the warm sun and turn the energy output down. This results in substantial savings.

Seizing the Opportunity

It is estimated that 68 million homes will be Smart by 2019 and with innovators like GE noting that a 5% reduction in energy consumption in a small product plant can result in $200,000 annual savings, the IoT HVAC opportunity is ripe for the taking.

The technology is ready and we are waiting for your product idea. Let’s talk about making it smart.

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