Internet outage in Middle East and South Asia; Did it affect you?

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Internet outage in Middle East and South Asia; Did it affect you?

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A massive Internet outage triggered by breaks in cables under the Mediterranean Sea disrupted internet access for 80% of users in the Middle East and south Asia. This has had no imapct in the USA and Europe. This was a major hit for Internet service providers and outsourcing companies in India as well. It's also affecting telephone services in many areas.

Authorities are still not sure how the two undersea cables were damaged. Internet has become a very important part of the economy.

Even though this outage hasn't affected me personally, I just can't imagine a day without internet.

My day starts with checking my emails, glance at the headlines on "JavaZone", read the headlines on "The Hindu" and "The Times Of India" even before stepping out of the house.

At work, I just can't imagine my day as a developer without internet; looking at the Java API, searching for answers for cryptic bugs, reading interesting blogs, online tutorials and so on. And the most important thing which I wouldn't miss at all; check out all the details about Bollywood movies and actors during lunch break. :) The list can go on and on.

Long story short, how has this internet disruption affected you? Even if this hasn't affected you directly, can you imagine a day or even hours without internet? Share your thoughts and opinions.




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