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Internet of Things Zone Link Roundup (Apr. 19)

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Internet of Things Zone Link Roundup (Apr. 19)

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For a look at what's been happening outside of the Internet of Things Zone, we've assembled a collection of links from around the web covering all the tutorials, tools, new releases, rants, and raves you might have missed over the past couple of weeks:

Tools & Tutorials

Internet of Things Global Standards Initiative

The Global Standards Initiative on Internet of Things (IoT-GSI) promotes a unified approach in ITU-T for development of technical standards (Recommendations) enabling the Internet of Things on a global scale.

Open source challenges a proprietary Internet of Things

This C++ code supports the major operating systems, chipsets and embedded variants. Any electronics or appliance maker, or even an LED light bulb maker that uses the AllJoyn code will have a basis for connectivity with another product that also uses the code.

Wit -- Natural Language for the Internet of Things

Wit enables developers to add a natural language interface to their app or device in minutes. It’s faster and more accurate than Siri, and requires no upfront investment, expertise, or training dataset.

Heins -- I/O-Hardware for the Internet of Things

The easy way to get real world data into your app.

Shortcut Debuts A Siri-Like App For The “Internet Of Things” 

The idea with Shortcut is to offer users a single interface they can talk to in order to control any of the gadgetry in their homes, or even those they wear on their bodies.

This Brilliant Washing Machine Is a Roadmap for the Internet of Things

It reminds us that connectivity doesn’t always need to introduce complexity.

Is Intel Edison for the independant too?

The question was whether dev kits for the Edison, a tiny Atom computer for wearables and the internet of things, would be available to the independent inventor/developer and not just to big companies with volume potential.

As billions more devices get connected to the internet, there will be a huge infrastructure transformation on the backend. Cloud computing will play a major role in how the world takes advantage of that device-driven data explosion.

IDEO’s Inspiring Ideas for the Internet of Everything

Called Made in the Future, it provides a glimpse of products that could shape our lives a decade from now.

News & Opinions

Bridging the protocols and different data formats spoken by our connected devices is going to take a lot of integration, or maybe just some pattern recognition software and contextual analysis.

#IoTH: The Internet of Things and Humans

The IoT requires thinking about how humans and things cooperate differently when things get smarter.

The Internet of Caring Things

The INTERNET OF CARING THINGS means connected objects that serve consumers' most important needs: physical and mental wellbeing, safety, security, oversight of loved ones, and more.

Heartbleed, the Branding of a Bug, and the Internet of Things

HBR spoke with Schneier about what he considers the surprisingly effective response to Heartbleed, how difficult security is because of humans, and why he’s happy Heartbleed wasn’t discovered in the near future, when the Internet of Things will make it much more difficult to fix bugs.

Internet of Dependent Things

I’m assuming it’s designed to give this object an opportunity to appear as if it has a life and identity independent of the owner, to make it more lively, interesting and playful; but for me it just regularly reminds me that someone else is in control.

Should The Internet of Things Matter to Hackers?

It might even be our responsibility to fill in those missing pieces, take up the mantle, and build our new, connected Internet of Things.

Digi-Key’s IoT Component Selector is your one-stop-shop for the IoT


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