Intro: Setting Up Joyent’s Triton in Dell’s CTO Lab

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Intro: Setting Up Joyent’s Triton in Dell’s CTO Lab

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A while back I tweeted how we had begun setting up a mini-instance of Joyent’s Triton in our Dell CTO lab.  Triton is Joyent’s elastic container infrastructure that runs on their cloud, a private cloud or both.  This cloud platform includes OS and machine virtualization (e.g. Docker with regards to the former and typical VMs under KVM for the latter).

About a week ago, we got the platform set up about, and I grabbed some time with Don Walker of Dell’s enterprise CTO office to tell us about it.

In this first of three videos, Don gives an overview of the work Dell is doing with Joyent. He describes what we’ve set up in the lab and talks about where we hope to take it.

Some of the Ground Don Covers

  • Don’s focus on Open Source Cloud, e.g. Open Stack, containers, cloud networking and storage solutions
  • What the enterprise CTO office does
  • What we’re doing with Joyent: evaluating Triton and the process of taking existing products and putting them into microservices and containers
  • Looking at Dell’s ASM (Active System Manager) and what it means to refactor for microservices and containers
  • Overview of what was set up in the lab: a minimalist 2 node instance consisting of head and compute nodes

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