Intro to Couchbase Transactions Java API [Video]

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Intro to Couchbase Transactions Java API [Video]

Take a look at a video that gives an intro to Couchbase Transactions Java API.

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This video, about Couchbase Distributed ACID Transactions, is a quick guide for you, the busy Java developer, on how to get started with the new API, including some important best practices you’ll want to implement. I’m not going to cover how transactions work or dive into ACID, as there are other resources being released that cover that.

Couchbase Transactions are available for Community Edition, and there are no new services to configure, and there’s nothing new to set up on the cluster. Just add a line to your Gradle or Maven project to pull in the library, and you’re ready to go — you can check out our documentation for transactions and the Java API documentation to get started.

(And sorry, non-Java developers — our initial beta release is Java only, but we haven’t forgotten you! Releases for other languages are very much on the roadmap.)

So, I hope you enjoy the video, and we’d love to hear from you with any questions, comments, or feedback. Hit me up on the forums, Gitter, or as comments on this article, and I’ll be sure to reply.

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