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Rapidly Design, Build, Secure, and Publish an App Using Bluemix

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Rapidly Design, Build, Secure, and Publish an App Using Bluemix

This blog post gives you an intro to an Enhanced Bluemix Mobile Dashboard. It even has an awesome video to help you out!

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This blog post gives you an intro to an Enhanced Bluemix Mobile Dashboard. This is version 2.0 of my previous blog post on how to Quickly Design, Build, Secure and Deliver an App using Bluemix Mobile Services.

Let's call this version as "Design, Connect, Build, Secure and Publish an App using Bluemix Mobile Dashboard"

Bluemix Mobile Dashboard

What is Mobile Dashboard?

The IBM® Bluemix® Mobile dashboard offers a single place to manage the Bluemix capabilities that you need to create and manage your Bluemix Mobile application. You can manage mobile apps through the concept of Projects. The Mobile dashboard brings the most common services that are required for a mobile developer into a single, connected experience that has been optimized for the mobile developer.

The Mobile dashboard enables a mobile developer to create a project from a variety of Starters, create and connect key Bluemix optimized services to your project, and quickly download working code with SDKs. The SDKs are fully integrated with capability credentials that enable you to have it running on your device in minutes. When your application is running and you have set up and configured Push, Analytics and/or Mobile Authentication capabilities, you can return to your project to monitor and manage engagement with your application users.

In addition to this, MobileFirst Foundation extends and integrates development, delivery, and management capabilities by adding scalable data services, code scanning, quality assurance, and Bluemix mobile services. The result is an integrated platform that accelerates the delivery of your mobile strategy with increased productivity and security, and provides users with a more engaging experience.

What's New in This Version of Mobile Dashboard?

  • The experimental Mobile App Builder service functionality is now included in the Mobile Dashboard.
  • Along with iOS Objective-C and Android Native Java code, now you have an option to generate iOS Swift App code. So you Design Once and generate Code base in all mobile native languages now.
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  • Integrating push notifications and Analytics is much simpler now.
  • Along with UI Starters, you now have Code Starters which span from backend DB services to Watson Cognitive and Weather Service.

Getting Started

Here's a quick video on where to start (Obviously, Bluemix) and how to integrate multiple Bluemix Mobile Services using Mobile Dashboard.

For more detailed walkthrough of adding and integrating new Cloudant Service and MobileFirst Foundation Service, please watch this video.

Analysts agree that a mix of emulators/simulators and real devices are necessary to optimize your mobile app testing - learn more in this white paper, brought to you in partnership with Sauce Labs.

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