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Introducing Couchbase Weekly

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Introducing Couchbase Weekly

We are starting a new weekly blog to share all the cool things that are happening in the Couchbase Community. Check out this week's roundup of articles dealing in all things Couchbase.

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We are starting a new weekly blog to share all the cool things that are happening in the Couchbase Community.

Let us know if we missed anything at @couchbasedev@couchbase, or #Couchbase.

Couchbase Weekly

Transition From Relational to NoSQL

Couchbase Weekly



Couchbase Weekly 3

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  • Learn how Amadeus, Google and Couchbase took on the 1,500 cores challenge across 3 data centers http://ow.ly/XtUkP
  • Only #Couchbase can support the complexity and scale of today’s #BigData. Learn why enterprises are moving off RDBMS http://ow.ly/XcMJB
  • #Couchbase is hiring — join the team and transform the #database world. #BigData #NoSQL #Startup: http://ow.ly/WYBpp
  • Enterprise #NoSQL adoption is growing & companies are paying great salaries to #developers that know #Couchbase: http://ow.ly/WLqqr
  • Discover how #Couchbase will disrupt #BigData in 2016 – more enterprises are replatforming their systems to #NoSQL http://ow.ly/WCXDr 

Originally posted at: blog.couchbase.com/2016/january/couchbase-weekly-jan25-2016

The post Couchbase Weekly Jan 25, 2016 appeared first on Miles to go 3.0 ...

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