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Introducing the DZone Guide to Database and Persistence Management

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We are happy to announce the release of DZone's Guide to Database and Persistence Management!

Database options have never been more plentiful. While traditional relational databases like MySQL remain the standard, other database solutions are growing more popular as new technologies work to improve upon the relational model or forgo it entirely for different kinds of data storage. More and more often organizations are finding that a single database product is not enough to meet their needs. So which database, or databases, are right for you? And what's the best way to manage the databases you have?

DZone's Guide to Database and Persistence Management is here to help you answer these questions. In it, you'll find the data, ideas, and solutions you need to optimize your data storage and management. The guide includes:
  • Profiles on 35 database solutions
  • Survey results from more than 800 IT professionals
  • Data Migration Checklist
  • Glossary of database terms

The guide also features these in-depth articles from industry experts:

  • A Review of Persistence Strategies by Andrew C. Oliver

  • Firebase, Meteor & Cognito: Just Enough Database for a Mobile World by Ben Teese

  • The State of the Storage Engine by Baron Schwartz

  • 3 Reasons Why It’s Okay to Stick with SQL by Lukas Eder

  • How to Manage Deterministic Data-Driven Services by Peter Lawrey


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