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Introducing the DZone Guide to Performance & Monitoring—2015 Edition

DZone's Guide to

Introducing the DZone Guide to Performance & Monitoring—2015 Edition

DZone's Performance & Monitoring Guide is out! Check out this look at 2015's performance and monitoring space in this comprehensive overview, including articles and insight from experts, how companies are handling app performance, and more!

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We are thrilled to debut our DZone Guide to Performance & Monitoring—2015 Edition!

Performance and monitoring are crucial in the development world, because let’s be honest: there’s nothing worse than hearing that your application is slow. Our continuing mission is to deliver awesome content to our community, and we are thrilled to announce the launch of our DZone Guide to Performance & Monitoring – 2015 Edition!

This year the performance and monitoring space has evolved, and so has our understanding.

Our nifty Guide to Performance & Monitoring comes loaded with key information for developers. We’ll offer insight into the space, highlight our main findings, discuss performance requirements, and answer that age-old question:  “does monitoring still suck?” (no spoilers!).

DZone’s Guide to Performance & Monitoring includes:

·  An overview of how modern companies are handling application monitoring

·  Articles from topic experts and industry luminaries

·  Resources on harnessing new W3C web performance API standards

·  Step-by-step processes for finding root causes to performance problems in virtualized environments

·  Performance statistics and strategies from 400+ IT professionals

·  A catalog of APM, ITOA, FEO/WPO, network monitoring, and infrastructure monitoring tools


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